What happens in Reno?

For a good time come to Reno for the AAF annual meeting.

And while you’re there-

  • You can learn why 52 pilots and 80 mechanics working for Cal Fire are smiling.
  • You can have free cocktails.
  • Be with people willing to listen to you and tell you why you are wrong.

Find out-

  • Who has given one hundred and ninety eight thousand dollars to the families of fallen aerial firefighters.
  • Who the Houkarians are.
  • If turtlefrogs exist.
  • What makes a guy want to fly a helicopter.
  • How much a tanker pilots ego actually weighs and how much does it diminish the useful load.
  • How Air Attacks unwind.
  • What could possibly go wrong!

Ask questions-

  • Would it be useful to have an international air attack academy?
  • Is it realistic to think there could be a large purpose built airtanker?
  • Could we all be friends and build one?
  • Why are SEATS not called SEAT as there is only one seat?
  • Who’s planning your future? Could it be you?

Have a voice-

Be part of the problem. Why leave it to others?

Speak Your Mind