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Associated Aerial Firefighters has established an award for leadership, dedication and having a profound effect on safety in Aerial Firefighting. Named for Walt Darran, a pioneer and leader in advancing aerial firefighting, The Walt Darran Award provides a lifetime membership to Associated Aerial Firefighters.


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Forest Service C-130 program

Forest Service C-130 program cancellation; Sad to see, BUT very predictable. There are a few people in the USFS that can could step up to plan, organize, direct and implement this huge program. Jim Nester is one. However, most USFS people and the … [Continue reading]

Associated Aerial Firefighters, Reno 2017

In spite of the blazes ravaging Southern California the 2017 Associated Aerial Firefighters Meeting was well attended by industry companies and government agencies who gave insights and updates on their slice of aerial firefighting. It was a … [Continue reading]

AAF Meeting Agenda

AAF Meeting Agenda for 2017, 2017 AAF Meeting Agenda Reno, Nevada, December 13, 2017 1.  9:00 AM.      Welcome - Jim Barnes.                                         5 minutes 2.  9:05 AM.      Program and Presentations … [Continue reading]

The Way Forward

The Way Forward; Offered by Jim Barnes In the early 90’s the State of California commissioned an independent study conducted by the Spalding Group. Their approach was to go directly to Ground Firefighters and ask them what they needed from the … [Continue reading]

AAF Reno 2017

SAVE THE DATE! ASSOCIATED AERIAL FIRIFIGHTERS ANNUAL MEETING DECEMBER 13, 2017, RENO, NV We are assembling our speakers for this year and our keynote speaker is Colonel Rick “CJ” Sturckow, USMC (Ret.). “CJ” is a Marine Aviator and a … [Continue reading]

California Fire Pilots News Letter-August 2017

News and Articles from Cal Fire California Fire Pilots News Letter August 2017 … [Continue reading]