AAF in Reno; Reno Gazette-Journal

Tanker firefighters tell 'war stories' in Reno Jan 14, 2013 Emerson Marcus The Associated Aerial Firefighters annual meeting began this weekend at the Eldorado in Reno and continues today with discussions on new technology and preparedness … [Read more...]

AAF Reno TV Coverage

KTVN News in Reno reported on our AAF meeting. If the video doesn't load for you, click the link below to watch the video on the KTVN website, then come back here and tell us what you think in the comments section below. … [Read more...]

AAF Webmaster stays current in Afghanistan, waiting for airtanker seat.

Dale Head with presentation flag

  If you’re wondering who is responsible for the new airtanker.org, it’s our one & only webmaster,  Dale Head. Brought to you from Kandahar, Afghanistan. Dale is on his second deployment to Afghanistan. He should be home … [Read more...]

C27J release by USAF on hold

  DefenseAlert Intra-Theater Airlift Working Group To Decide Basing For 32 Cargo Planes Posted on InsideDefense.com: January 3, 2013 The Air Force has established an Intra-Theater Airlift working group to decide how to divvy up the 32 cargo … [Read more...]

Creating and responding to articles or threads is easier now

To create an article or thread: Just sign in and go to the top menu bar and hit the  "+new" button. That will take you to an edit page.     To respond to an article or thread: Just sign in and hit the "Continue Reading" link at the … [Read more...]

McCain Wildfire Aircraft (C27J) Transfer Amendment Passes Senate

  Part Of The Larger Defense Reauthorization Approved Tuesday Included in the bill reauthorizing the Defense Department passed Tuesday by the U.S. Senate was the Wildfire Suppression Aircraft Transfer Act, a measure Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) … [Read more...]

AHSAFA airtanker fleet proposal to USFS, October 2011

Click here: AHSAFAProposalOctober2011 … [Read more...]

Aerial Firefighting Conference, 10-11 April 2013, Aix-en-Provence

Click:    http://response.gv-c.com/Mail/View/166?a=B7B0EAE236F5DBD2F61A156640B686D1&r=352B351B576C9CF894DF53A2157C745D   10th Aerial Firefighting Conference & Exhibition 10th-11th April 2013, Aix-en-Provence, … [Read more...]