Monday Morning

It’s been a busy summer. I’m flying an OV-10 Air Attack and staying marginally proficient with occasional flights in the S-2T. It’s been thirty-four years since I flew Air Attack and it has changed a bit. I went to work in April but it was July … [Read more...]

USFS Next Gen RFP summer 2014 … [Read more...]

Tony Morris, As I See It

    BOMBARDIER 415 U.S. FOREST SERVICE AS I SEE IT TONY MORRIS   In 1988 our family moved from Santa Monica to a house in the Fernwood neighborhood of Topanga. Wildfires have burned in Topanga for centuries. Native … [Read more...]

Interview with Rich Briggs-Lockheed Martin

DATE:  10-15-13 FROM: TONY MORRIS –“As I See It”                                             ASSOCIATED AERIAL FIREFIGHTERS TO:  RICH BRIGGS – LOCKHEED … [Read more...]

The Fed Side

Lead Planes We take a lot of things for granted in our world. In 2004 most of the federal pilots flying large airtankers in the U.S. took their jobs for granted until a fax appeared at the offices of the various contractors saying their contracts … [Read more...]

The Fed Side

Lift Ticket by Hank Caruso

Near Miss How do you write about a near miss? Let’s see; there I was. No, that’s been done before. How about just the facts. Well, there we were. Lowell had just called V1 so we were committed to fly when I saw the glider. It appeared from … [Read more...]

The Fed Side III

It’s February 2013 and tanker 48 is back on-the-job. We’re currently hanging in Porterville where I’m trying to reconstruct the balance of last season. It’s like déjà vous all over again; as I recall we left Casper Wyoming July 30th and … [Read more...]

The Fed Side, part II

A (rare) shot of Dean at home, happily cooking a gourmet meal for Nancy.

We found work in Billings in June. The place to stay is The Crown Plaza. They give you a smokin’ deal on rooms if you work for the Forest Service. It’s a high rise, twenty-two floors. Last year a guy threw a chair through the window of his tenth … [Read more...]

The Fed Side

Chico pirate!

Dean Talley reporting; Fire season 2012 Lounging around Redding brings back memories. The faces I recognize have more wrinkles and the hair is thinner and gray. But that could be the mirror. Compared to the first twenty-eight years flying … [Read more...]