CFPA Newsletter July 2017

For your reading pleasure here is the July 2017 CFPA Newsletter.  Please click the link below to download the PDF file to read! CFPA Newsletter July 2017 PDF … [Read more...]

USFS C-130 program

We are posting this letter and emailing copies to the house and senate committee members responsible for oversight of the Department of Agriculture USFS C-130 airtanker program. Dear Sirs, We are representatives of the Associated Aerial … [Read more...]

Reno 2016

2016-12-17 005

RENO 2016 We’d like to thank all the presenters and participants who attended the annual AAF Reno meeting. Unlike Las Vegas we like to share what happens in Reno. Our objective is to provide a venue for an exchange of ideas and information … [Read more...]

What happens in Reno?

For a good time come to Reno for the AAF annual meeting. And while you’re there- You can learn why 52 pilots and 80 mechanics working for Cal Fire are smiling. You can have free cocktails. Be with people willing to listen to you and tell … [Read more...]

Monday Morning

It’s been a busy summer. I’m flying an OV-10 Air Attack and staying marginally proficient with occasional flights in the S-2T. It’s been thirty-four years since I flew Air Attack and it has changed a bit. I went to work in April but it was July … [Read more...]

USFS Next Gen RFP summer 2014 … [Read more...]

Tony Morris, As I See It

    BOMBARDIER 415 U.S. FOREST SERVICE AS I SEE IT TONY MORRIS   In 1988 our family moved from Santa Monica to a house in the Fernwood neighborhood of Topanga. Wildfires have burned in Topanga for centuries. Native … [Read more...]

Interview with Rich Briggs-Lockheed Martin

DATE:  10-15-13 FROM: TONY MORRIS –“As I See It”                                             ASSOCIATED AERIAL FIREFIGHTERS TO:  RICH BRIGGS – LOCKHEED … [Read more...]

The Fed Side

Lead Planes We take a lot of things for granted in our world. In 2004 most of the federal pilots flying large airtankers in the U.S. took their jobs for granted until a fax appeared at the offices of the various contractors saying their contracts … [Read more...]

The Fed Side

Lift Ticket by Hank Caruso

Near Miss How do you write about a near miss? Let’s see; there I was. No, that’s been done before. How about just the facts. Well, there we were. Lowell had just called V1 so we were committed to fly when I saw the glider. It appeared from … [Read more...]