Australian civil aviation safety authorities grounds all Dromader SEATs


Here is an article posted yesterday in Australia post the fatal aircraft crash at the recent New South Wales bushfires. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has grounded all Dromader aircraft, one of Australia's key firefighting … [Read more...]

Saskatchewan Aerial Firefighting – An Aussie’s perspective

My packed plane to La Ronge

As Business Development Manager for an aerial firefighting fire suppressant made in Australia I was investigating opportunities to see where our company's product could be integrated into an agency's fire program.  A colleague suggested I make … [Read more...]

A new way to battle house fires in Russia


Have a look at this video shot in Russia.  It shows a Beriev Be 200 being used to put out a house fire!  Just click on the link. I am amazed the building is still standing after these two drops!  I wonder if the Incident Commander knew what he … [Read more...]

Do we actually progress from our learning from past emergencies?


As we see another tragic tale develop in Colorado where homes in beautiful landscapes are destroyed by wildfire, it makes you wonder if emergency agencies and fire prone communities have actually learned anything over the years about how to tackle … [Read more...]

Delivery Performance in Aerial Firefighting

Firefighters watching a P2V drop long term retardant on the White Fire
Mike Eliason photo / Santa Barbara County Fire Department

Watching the news footage of the White Fire in Santa Barbara County in California today and other recent incidents in Australia, I wonder why so many fire agencies are locked into their thinking about  doing the same thing the same way and make no … [Read more...]

A Brief Observation of the Status of Aerial Firefighting in Europe

Inaer of Spain Fire Boss waiting to be loaded with BlazeTamer380 for a practice run

As an exhibitor and presenter at the recent Aerial Firefighting Conference held in France it was interesting to observe where aerial firefighting has gone in Europe and the Mediterranean region over the last couple of years since I was in Spain in … [Read more...]

Aerial Firefighting Conference Europe

Dash 8 Bomber

  This time next week the European Aerial Firefighting Conference will be underway in Aix en Provence in southern France.  Tangent Link the conference organizers have advised me there are over  23 countries represented with over … [Read more...]

State Aircraft Fleet for Colorado, David Cant

As a long time observer of the air tanker situation in the US from here in Australia, I am often surprised why some US States don't build in a capacity for aerial fire fighting outside of Federal lands jurisdictions. I noted with interest Colorado … [Read more...]