About AAF

The Associated Aerial Firefighters provides a forum to advocate for safety, effectiveness, and efficiency in wildland aerial firefighting. This is accomplished through active programs of legislation, public relations and education.

Goals for 2014:

Continued focus on S.E.E. (Safety, Effectiveness, and Efficiency) as it pertains to aerial wildfire suppression.

Developing a Public Relations strategy to address:
  • Advance a clear, attainable, and sustainable vision for the National Tanker Fleet
  • Addressing the inefficiencies in the National Dispatch System
  • Develope a dialog on the effects to the ecosystem of wildfire vs. the effects of dropping water or fire chemicals on wildfires.
  • The importance and effectiveness of the Initial Attack Strategy.

If you have an interest in Aerial Firefighting and want to help us create an environment of cooperation to continue to advance our industry, please join our efforts.

To submit ideas for content or if you have questions regarding access to the website or forums, contact Dale Head, daleflies@hotmail.com.