Associated Aerial Firefighters Conference 2015 (Agenda Included)

Hospitality room opens late afternoon on Saturday the 10th and stays open until the last member leaves. 

The meeting will commence at 9:30 AM on Sunday the 11th.  Coffee, Pastries, Fruit Juice and Fruit will be served in the meeting room.

Upon conclusion of the meeting we will once again open the Hospitality room for those who would like to attend.


Meeting Agenda:

9:30 Introduction Dave Wardall and Jim Barnes

10:00 State of the AAF by Gabby Newhart.

10:30 Presentation by Mr. Ron Raley, PHOS-CHEK Agency Liaison.

Update on legal issues regarding the war against fire retardant on wildland fires by environmental NGOs (non government organizations).

11:15 Break

11:30 Presentation by Tanker Captain Tommy Kershner about the importance of pilots recognizing a serious medical condition and taking action to correct it before it becomes a contributing factor in an accident.  Then the steps he took to regain his medical certificate after successful open-heart surgery.

12:00 Lunch

13:00 NORCAL ATC Controller, Mr. Allen Greene will give a presentation on ATC and firefighting operations in positive control airspace, TFRs, Special Use Airspace and high traffic areas.

13:45 Break 

14:00 Guest speaker Lt. Colonel Tom McCleary, USAF  (ret.) Top Gun Fighter pilot, F-4 Phantoms, F15 Eagle, Distinguished Flight Instructor, The SR-71 Pilot that flew the last ever operational mission in an SR-71.

14:45 Jim Barnes and Dave Wardall: Future of the AAF to include interested party status on accident investigations, Political action group.  Interface with government officials and the media.  Legislative handbook.

15:30 Break

16:00 elect new board members and any New or old business

17:00 Adjourn to Hospitality Room

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